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Come back to your breath
Come back to your body
Come home to yourself
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yoga practice
with me ॐ

in Barcelona, in retreats around the world & online

A style of yoga for everyone

Discover & practice different styles of yoga & find out which one or which combination is just right for you 


Flow to the rhythm of your breath. Let  it guide you as you move mindfully through different asanas & sequences


Allow yourself the time & space to release, re-set & balance with this restoring practice


A special time in your life requires a special type of practice that adapts to your specific needs during this unique experience

postnatal - Mum & baby

Gently re-discover & heal your body after birth with adapted asanas & breathing techniques sharing this precious time with your little one.

Sup yoga

Improve your balance, connect with yourself & your surroundings, tone & flexibilize your body & mind & share an amazing time in the water with other like-minded earthlings

yoga for athletes
Use yoga as an efficient tool to improve performance and recovery. For runners, cyclists, swimmers, racket sport players, crossfitters, etc.
therapeutic yoga

To treat specific needs or conditions & use yoga as an efficient tool to heal & recover 

kid´s yoga

Fun classes that include age- appropriate games & poses to increase strength, flexibility, concentration & coordination for children. 

therapies ✾

in Barcelona & retreats

A unique therapy to meet your needs

Indulge in the healing properties of therapeutic massage

ayuryoga massage

Body therapy technique originated in India that combines massage techniques from the ancient science of Ayurveda with stretches inspired by yoga asanas. The receiver experiences a profound sense of well-being through this full body therapy

prenatal massages

Safe stretching, rocking & gentle movement therapy to relieve tension & stress enhancing relaxation in the expecting mother to support her & baby feel more connected & at ease, create space & openness to enjoy this special moment fully.


Soothes the new mother with warmth & the aromatic properties of herbs to enhance postnatal recovery and helps prevent postnatal discomfort & depression.

yoga barcelona

great (unexpected) discovery!

... "For me this is the first time I have ever practiced yoga in my life, and I have to say it has been a great (unexpected) discovery! the classes curbed the negative thoughts, which assaulted me continuously, in a comprehensive and very deep way. Now, fortunately, I am recovered, and yoga continues to revitalize me and provide a very satisfying inner calm. And all this has been partly thanks Alessa´s way of teaching the classes: intense, deep and sweet at the same time!

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