“ Yoga as a way to approach life with curiosity, mindfulness, awareness & compassion for ourselves & all beings around us. The physical practice is merely a starting point for the beginning of a magical journey towards the inside that will slowly, but inevitably, lead to connection & respect for all other beings. “

Alessa bennaton
Zuluna Yoga

Fascinated by the universe of knowledge and benefits that have been deployed through the practice, study and teaching of Yoga, Alessa has more than 16 years of experience in practicing & 10 years of teaching yoga. Her curious nature has led her to study in India, Barcelona, Italy, London, Nicaragua & many places around the globe exploring diverse yoga systems & guides, deeply influencing the unique way she guides her classes.

Her deep love for mama Earth is a central focus of her life & her teachings – she teaches mindful, nature – inspired, playful, creative classes that invite everyone to honor their unique needs.

For Alessa, the balance of the yang & yin yoga practices is an essential to achieve balance & reconnect to peace & stillness within.

As a new mama herself, she loves sharing yoga with mums & future mums convinced that it is the best tool to navigate the many many aspects that come along the unique & intense experience of being & becoming a mother. She has more than 5 years of experience teaching prenatal & postnatal yoga & meditation, supporting women to feel better & more at ease in their pregnant bodies & minds & preparing for their births as well as recovering after their births with gentle breathwork, yoga & massage,

Alessa is mostly based in Europe & Latin America sharing her joy & appreciation for life & community through her classes, women’s circles, therapies & diverse workshops.

Alessa is also a certified in Ayurvedic yoga massageThai and herbal massage specializing in prepartum & postpartum. 

She teaches mostly in English & Spanish but is fluent in Italian, Portuguese, Catalan & French. 

" the sky above, earth below, peace inside "

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Education & Certifications

Yoga training certifications:

Complementary courses & trainings:​

  • Thai herbal massage for pregnancy, birth & post natal support with Micha Merrick (3ohrs) / 2018
  • Yoga for athletes (25hrs) with Yoga Medicine – Tiffany Cruikshank/ London, 2018
  • Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (86hrs) therapy training with Ananta Girard / 2017
  • Thai massage for pregnancy, birth & post natal support with Micha Merrick (3ohrs) / 2017
  • Yin Yoga with Biff Mithoefer (50 hrs) / 2017
  • Mindfulness (MBSR) for stress reduction ( 20hrs) / 2016
  • Kids Yoga with Mireia Castellsague – Omshanti Yoga Studio / 2016
  • Ayuryoga Massage therapy training with Jagruti Patel (6o hrs) – Pune, India / December 201


"A relaxing experience but at the same time leaves you very active and light. All the muscles in the body wake up, tense parts relax and circulation is activated."
“The class for me was amazing. I felt like a dry sponge who took in everything during the experience. Now I feel light in the heart and the head, Thank you” …
" Yoga continues to revitalize me and provide me with a very satisfying inner calm. And all this has been partly thanks to your way of teaching: intense, deep and sweet at the same time"
" The benefits of Alessa’s massage are multiple: as well as massage with hands and feet, she takes you through some deep stretching and breathing and creates an experience that stimulates the senses."
" Your massage has rejuvenated me, I feel light and with a beautiful feeling of well-being! I can't wait to do the other one."
I joined Alessa for the first time in a full moon Yoga session. I didn’t know that day I will adopt a new way of living. Alessa shared with me her knowledge and passion about Yoga, Ayurveda, India and life… and those passions germinated in me. But more important, she shared with me her unconditional friendship & generosity. Namaste.
“It’s been quite an intense week full of emotions and events but this was one of the best days! I had one of Alessa´s ayuryoga massages and it was absolutely amazing! I feel a new energy and a great sense of well-being flowing again in my body! Thank you so much for this experience and I truly recommend it!
“I first met Alessa when attending my staff yoga class at Soho House Barcelona. I fell in love with her aura and vibrant yet so grounding energy. From that moment I never missed my yoga class and felt so refreshed and content every time I walked out of her class. Alessa has taught me so many life lessons but most of all she has become a true friend and always reminds me to practice yoga to connect my mind with my body and soul. Namaste Alessa. “
" The connection with Alessa cannot be explained with words. It's something you feel, her classes are magical: purity, kindness, joy, peace...You have the certainty that you have found the person you were looking for. And I feel lucky for that.From then on you start comparing her to other Yoga teachers. Nobody equals her. I don't know why. Again, it's just something I feel.Enjoy her. She is the right person to introduce you to yoga and make you fall in love with it, with yoga (and on the way with yourself too). "
Mónica Fernandez
Alessa is an amazing massage therapist. Her work comes from her heart, she uses delicious oils and massages both with her hands and feet to give your body exactly what it needs. I felt deeply cared for and my body and mind have fallen into complete relaxation. Thank you!
"Alessa is a kind, attentive person. She cares and loves what she does and you feel taken care of during a Yoga class or a massage with her. Ayuryoga massages are so restorative and beneficial. I felt my body was taken care of in its whole, from my face and ears to the tip of my feet! And it was incredible to see how much more relaxed I looked after the massage. Highly recommended!"
" Alessa is passionate about life and discovering the world, and this is reflected in her classes and massages, where she concretises the steps of her constant path of self-improvement. Her classes introduce me to new perspectives and stimulate me to get to know myself better, while her massages flow with confidence and bring me relaxation and harmony. I always come away from both experiences more inspired and positive. Highly recommended! "
Lia Brum
" Alessa is a yogini in every sense of the word. Her yoga classes are profound and transformative. Each practice is different and motivating. Ale is an eternal student, continually training to give her students the best of herself. How fortunate to have her, so that more people can benefit from her classes! Her Ayuryoga massages are healing and magical, as Ale has a great intuition and knowledge of the body. Any masseuse will give you a relaxing massage, but Alessa goes beyond that, giving massages full of devotion, love and care. Her hands are full of understanding, as they are directly connected to her generous and helpful soul. Highly recommended! "

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