Yoga For Everyone

Discover the benefits

The practice of yoga has something to offer everyone, it meets you where you are & can be adapted to your needs. These are some of the many benefits you will discover through regular yoga practice:


Yoga requires the body & the mind to function in union through mindful breath & movement, bringing you back to the present moment, where life is taking place 

enhances flexibility

Yoga poses stretch your muscles & mobilize your joints to increase your range of motion.

improves Posture

By developing strength & flexibility as well as prioritising the breath, you release tension and train your body to work more efficiently, improving your posture

Aids Blood Flow

Through movement, lengthening, twisting & inverting, yoga aids the circulatory system to carry oxygen & essential nutrients throughout the body in an improved way

muscle strength

Yoga increases muscle endurance because you typically hold a given pose for a period of time,  like you are using your own body weight to train your muscles & become stronger

relaxation & balance

Regular yoga practice aids to cultivate mental & physical health by teaching us through experience to come back to the essence, to restore & re-balance 

Yoga Styles

Explore The Styles Of Yoga



Flow to the rhythm of your breath. Let  it guide you as you move mindfully through poses & sequences creatively designed to mobilize your body & relax your mind



Allow yourself the time & space to release, re-set & balance with this restoring type of yoga, the ultimate practice to harness balance in the body and mind.



A special time in your life requires a special type of practice that adapts to your specific needs during this unique experience.

Practice recommended since 12 weeks of pregnancy until full term (if all is going well)


Postnatal - mum & baby

Gently re-discover & heal your body after birth with adapted asanas sharing this precious time with your little one.

Practice recommended from six weeks postpartum until your babe begins to crawl. 


Sup Yoga

Improve your balance, connect with yourself & nature around you, tone & flexibilize your body & mind & share an amazing time in the water with other like-minded earthlings 


Yoga for athletes

Use yoga as an efficient tool to improve performance and recovery. For runners, cyclists, swimmers, racket sport players, crossfitters, etc.



Yoga as a therapy to treat specific needs or conditions to heal & recover the physical body 


Kids Yoga

Fun classes that include age- appropriate games & poses to increase strength, flexibility, concentration and coordination for children. 

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“The flow state has been described by some of the world’s greatest thinkers as the most productive and creative state of mind. Positive psychologists propose that inhabiting this zone on a regular basis is a key component of happiness.”

Options to practice

From the comfort of you own home, choose the option that suits you best according to your specific needs

One on one sessions-

through an online platform,  tailored to your specific needs & objectives. BONUS: you can access the recorded session after the LIVE. 

prenatal yoga
one on one birth preparation classes

we can adapt the duration, schedule and focus according to your specific needs & objectives

On demand videos

pre – recorded videos tailored to your requests, option to follow up through a live one on one session after you have practiced your video(s)

Group sessions

book a group class with me for you & your friends or family, I adapt each class to the interest & preferences of the group 

yoga online
Pre - recorded bundles & courses

Choose a pre – recorded course or bundle from an array of styles, duration & focus  

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